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Welcome on the page of the LOSKOT BALLS company. It was found in 1999. It is engaged in the production of the balls for cycleball. The prepare period has taken almost one year. In this period we have tested the different kinds of materials for the ball production in order to have the longest service life of our product and also to have acceptable weight and dimensions. It must be able to be competitive with the balls used in ourcountry and abroad too.
In this development, not only the emploees of our firm have taken the part but even the players of cycleball have done it. The appreciation from the champions of the Czech republic Robert Loskot and Jiří Hrdlička or from the champion of the world Petr Jiříček has made sure us that our development goes by right way.
The ball is fulled by the roe-buck hair tradifionally and its covering is made from the special fabric which is resistant to the rub. The slings closing on the ball habe been also made to order. We produce the balls in several colors as you can see on our pages. We have tested several tens of balls in the clubs of cycleball in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We have never received any claim and that´s why we have decided to give htis product to market.
Where can you order our ball ? Of course exactly in our address and also at our business partners in Germany and Switzerland.
We would like also to draw your attention to the firm TUFO which produces special tires for cycleball in various sizes and dimensions.
Thank you for your attention which you have paid to our page. We hope if you decide for our ball you´ll be satisfied and that it will give you the nice moments with so interesting sport line cycleball is.

Pavel Loskot, Hybešova 197, 679 32 Svitávka, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 603 168 463

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