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The company Loskotballs wishes you a lot of sports successes.

We would like to localize your attention to our offer extension of balls for indoor cycling.
We deliver the balls for men in the colour combination blue-white and red-white with the diameter 17 cm and with the weight 590 g, these are in our offer for a longer time. In our offer, there is also s the new ball "Junior" with the weight 500 g and the diameter 16 cm in our offer, which we have started to produce. It is intended for the children and it complies to the international rules
For Radpolo, we offer the ball in the colour combination red-white from the hight-quality double-layer material with the diameter 10 cm and the weight 200 g.
The company Loskotballs extended seling offer with the tubless bicycle tire in mark Barum for the cycle-ball and equitation.
(17 cm, 590 g)
(16 cm, 500 g)
(10 cm, 200 g)

Pavel Loskot, Hybešova 197, 679 32 Svitávka, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 603 168 463

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